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Backlink Gym is a proven & well-established approach to getting 100's of high-quality, easy-to-get, FREE backlinks to your website to help push it up the Google rankings. It will be your "secret weapon" to rank above your competitors! Price is just £27 per month.

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Good backlinks are the "fuel" to power your website up in Google, but knowing how to get them isn't easy. We'll show you how to get FREE backlinks from 500+ high-quality, trusted websites (which we are continually adding to at a rate of 8 - 10 per month). You will save a fortune by not needing to use an SEO Agency who typically charge £300 to £500+ per month to claim and build these SAME backlinks for you!

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charlie carreras
charlie carreras
Very reasonably priced SEO services. We had been meaning to take the plunge into hiring an SEO specialist as we really needed help with content marketing and backlinks. Great communication throughout . Looking forward to seeing a boost in new customers
Dave ray
Dave ray
I've used SEO Gyms services to improve the rankings of my local business. They have provided a good return on my investment of improving my rankings on Google and I've seen a great increase in the number of job enquiries from this. Thanks!
Ben Efron
Ben Efron
Been with SEO gym for a number of years now and can honestly not fault the service I receive. I have 5 websites all ranking on the first page of google thanks to this affordable SEO service. Would recommend to anyone who has a website to give them a try if you want to boost your google rankings.

Benefits of our service

1) No more problems trying to find quality websites that will link to you.

2) SAVE MONEY by building the backlinks yourself or getting your virtual assistant (VA) or your personal assistant (PA) to claim and build them for you. We have all the detailed information to help you succeed.

3) SAVE TIME - by not needing to spend hours researching where to get high-quality backlinks from.

4) Use our step-by-step backlink guides to claim and build your backlinks (usually in under 10 minutes per backlink)

5) We've done all the hard work for you!

"With more high-quality backlinks your website will climb up the Search Engine rankings."

Mark Jerram
Mark Jerram
Founder of Backlink Gym and SEO Gym

Why should you take out a recurring subscription to our backlinking service?

1) What most businesses don't realise is that there are literally thousands of quality websites out there that are happy to give you a FREE backlink, with little to no effort. BUT, finding them is a major pain in the ass. So, rather than you search online for countless hours to try and find them - we've done the really boring, hard work for you, and literally hand these backlink opportunities to you on a plate - all in one place!

2) Building backlinks is incredibly important for SEO but it can also be very time-consuming and tedious. We make it quick and easy for you (or your virtual assistant VA) by providing step-by-step instructions to all these easiest to get "hassle-free" backlinks.

3) Once you start seeing how our backlinks start "moving the needle" with regards your Google rankings you won't want to stop.

4) Our database will be your "secret weapon" to help you rank above your competitors.

5) We are continuously adding more websites to our database (8 - 10 per month) which are happy to give you a backlink.

6) You have the option of either accepting or rejecting each backlink. We give you the Moz or Ahrefs rating for each backlink so that you (or your PA/VA) can decide on the pace you want to go at.

Simple Pricing, Instant Sign Up by Direct Debit (7 - 9 day FREE trial before your Direct Debit goes live)

Subscription is just £27 per month (No contract, cancel anytime)

Silver Plan


Monthly Payment

  • 8 - 10 new Backlink Opportunities per month
  • Access to 403+ websites in our database which will give you a FREE backlink
  • Access to the Backlink Gym Facebook Group
  • Access to the Private WhatsApp Group

Save yourself countless hours of time and countless headaches!

Backlink Gym is not some secret collection of hundreds of backlinks that noone knows about. Given enough time, you could probably find these backlink opportunities all over the internet for free. But, the thing is it wouldn't be free, because your time is not free. We have spent several years locating these 500+ backlinks, and then documenting them and then testing them to make sure that they will work for your website. How much is your time worth? Hopefully more than the £27 per month we charge for access to Backlink Gym.

Who can benefit from our backlink services?

Our service is primarily designed for small to medium sized business owners who need their website to rank a lot higher in Google and the other search engines. This service is also perfect for anyone who helps manage a website and needs more backlinks to get it ranking better.


    Backlink Gym is a continuous work-in-progress that will get better and better over time....

    Backlink Gym is an ongoing work-in-progress. It's already packed with 500+ backlink opportunities and every month we add 8 - 10 more backlink opportunities to give you really outstanding value for money and an almost unbelievable Return on Your Investment (ROI). In other words, BacklinkGym will continue to grow and grow. You can start with the first backlink we give you and then just keep on going until you have hundreds of backlinks pointing to your website and helping it to shoot up the Google rankings.

    Our Track Record Of Success

    We've been providing websites where small businesses can get backlinks from since 2014. Here's some stats you may find interesting....


    Backlinks in our database

    90% of these backlinks are free of charge and most are do-follow.


    Satisfied Customers

    Some of our customers have been with us since 2014 and have seen huge ranking improvements.


    Websites ranking better

    Some of our customers have more than one website that they have applied our backlinks to - in order to enjoy higher rankings.

    Trusted By 100+ Small Business Owners

    Reviews From Some of Our Customers

    What are backlinks and why are they so important?

    High quality backlinks are the cornerstone of good SEO. If you're trying to boost your website's Google rankings then you'll love our service.


    Our partners, suppliers, sponsors and companies which enable us to provide this valuable backlinking service.

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